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DATUS Complex Schools, which is a cital of knowledge, aims at empowering children with knowledge  through a Bilingual medium (French and English).  With four main branches, the school towers above all others in academics, discipline and other fields that adequately equip the child to face the rigors of life.


Our Name...
The Founder, like any other philanthropist, was guided and motivated by the philosophy of sharing whatever he had with the needy, hence the name, “DATUS” which means, “GIVING”.  He gave the little he had for the benefit of several others

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Our History...

Early Stages
In the 1962, Torgbui.  Kwaku Amenyodu I, known in private life as Mr. Raphael Addoayi-Dowetin, decided to establish a private school because there were several children who roamed aimlessly in the streets of Kaneshie and Bubiashie.  Their excuse was that such children could not find places in the few schools in the area.  Torgbui Kwaku Amenyodu I, who was then a civil servant at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, asked permission form his employers to start a private school in an attempt to rectify the situation. 

When permission was granted, Torgbui established the school under a mango tree at a place called, “Control Market” at Bubiashie.  He had 12 children, and teachers were employed to teach them English and French.  The school was named “DATUS” Preparatory School. 

Earlier in 1959, Torgbui Kwaku Amenyodu I, had acquired land at Bubiashie near the Cable and Wireless Station.  When the original home at the Control Market could no longer accommodate the rapid growing population, the school moved to this acquired plot in 1965.  It was up to primary three only.  In 1966 the Upper Primary Department i.e. Classes 4 to 6 started at Abbosey Okine near the Obetesbi Lamptey Circle.

Work on permanent buildings at Bubiashie started around 1974.  An edifice, a four-storey building, as the Bubiashie branch of the Complex, was officially opened on 2nd August 1975.

After 1975, Class 6, the last upper primary group, left Abossey Okai thus making way for the Commercial School, which had started earlier in 1972, to occupy all the classrooms.  This is Datus Business Institute which was moved to Bubiashie in order that a computer school could be built at the site. 

Development of Branches
In 1970, when the school at Bubiashie had been firmly established, Torgbui Kwaku Amenyodu I decided to move outside Accra, and the choice was Community Seven (7) at Tema, where he acquired land from Tema Development Corporation (T.D.C.) and started with serious development.  Here, the school started with seventeen (17) pupils and (2) teachers.  This endeavour was not without impediments, hurdles and difficulties but the school continued to grow form strength to strength.  In less than two years, a storey building comprising twenty-four (24) classroom, (2) two offices and toilets were put up.This was in addition to the semi-permanent structures, which had already been erected. Later, the administration block was built, followed by the staff quarters, which completed the school projects at Tema in 1972.

The desire to provide more educational facilities was not satisfied after Tema.  The management, headed by Torgbui Amenyodu I, quickly thought of helping the Dansoman Communities.  They humbly approached the State Housing Corporation for a piece of land at Dansoman in 1975.When the request was granted the development of the plot of land was done in no time. The Dansoman branch of the school is accommodated in 30 permanent and 6 semi-permanent classrooms. 

Datus Day Secondary School ,Tema, now a senior secondary school, was started in 1984.  Hitherto, this wing of the Complex had been on the same compound with the Primary Section. 

After the founder passed away in 1994, management stood up to uphold the vision and the task of maintaining the good work already started by Torgbui.  Management sailed through thick and thin to improve upon the structures and facilities of the schools. With the introduction of information technology into the system, management commissioned computer labs in all the branches, in addition swimming pools were provided, kitchens were refurbished and re-equipped with modern equipments; and compounds were landscaped where feasible to make room for playing and leisure  lawns 

As the years passed, the need to establish a branch in the Central region, specifically Kasoa was met. A forth branch of Datus was commissioned in September, 1998, and has grown very fast to compete with the other branches and sister schools around her. 

In consonance with the belief that “There is more beyond”, management is committed to satisfy educational changes through innovations and reforms from time to time.  

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Our Anthem...


We hail you, Oh Datus Complex Schools,
We shall strive to defend you
Knowledge is Power, is your motto.
We shall stand by you, defend
your name, and be faithful unto you.
Oh! Datus Schools
Datus! Datus! the seat of
citizenship for the progress

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Our Crest...

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